Get Started with Truck Routing

Get your NextBillion key to build accurate and safe truck routes - contact us offers a comprehensive suite of tools that tackle the multifarious challenges of truck routing and navigation, ranging from route optimization and compliance to real-time tracking and post-trip analysis. These tools are designed to enhance efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce operational risks, making them indispensable for modern trucking operations.

API guides for truck routing and navigation problems

Truck-Compliant Routes

Avoid routes which are not suitable for the given truck size, weight and hazmat material

Optimize routes for multiple Trucks

Get optimized truck routes & schedules by leveraging over 50+ constraints

Avoid Sharp Turns and U-turns

Get truck routes without U-turns or sharp turns.

Truck Routes for Hazardous Cargo

Avoid roads not suitable for hazmat materials

Truck Routes with Multiple Stops

Get routes suitable for trucks while covering multiple waypoints

Arrive on Curbside

Get routes to arrive at your stop only on the curbside

Trace Route Taken

Trace the actual route taken by your truck after the trip.

Set Service Boundaries

Define the areas which can be serviced by your trucks within a given set of constraints

Avoid Tolls on the Route

Ensure that your trucks are not taking the roads with tolls

Truck Routes with Weight Limits

Avoid routes which are not suitable for the given truck weight