Q1. What would be the base url for standard APIs?
Q2. Is there a tool where companies can track their API usage?
Q3. Why do I see 403 errors?
Q4. If roundtrip is selected as true , do we need to pass the destination value as “last” in the route optimization API?
Q5. Does NB support 2w mode?
Q6. What is meant by Geometry as true and false in the API request?
Q7. Why is the NB API returning the same results even after changing the departure times?
Q8. Does NB support the 6w(truck) mode API in all regions?
Q9. Does NB support 0w(walk) mode API?
Q10. What counts as one element in the Distance matrix API?
Q11. What is the waypoint limit that can be used in Directions & Snap To Road APIs?
Q12. What is the coordinate limit that can be used in Distance Matrix & Route Optimization APIs?
Q13. What documentation can be referred for building Native or iOS apps using sdk?
Q14. Can custom icons be provided for geolocate control(Detect live location)
Q15. How to manage center focus as the map's center is rendered behind the modal in the app?
Q16. Why do we see the difference between NB APIs & other API providers?
Q17. What is the API rate limit?
Q18. What are the APIs which NB Offer?