Set Service Boundaries

Product Used: Isochrone API

Using’s Isochrone API you can define the areas which can be serviced by your trucks within a given set of constraints. The Isochrone API will take into account the typical traffic conditions as per the given “departure_time” and returns a bounded area which your truck can serve within a given travel time or distance.

This information is useful while deciding acceptance or rejection criteria for relevant business problems. For eg: Use the Isochrone information to accept or reject orders which can not be serviced within a certain time or to decide the optimum location of a dark store to maximize order fulfillment.

Following is a sample request with

  • coordinates set to the location of starting point of the truck

  • mode option set to “truck”

  • A travel duration constraint of 30 mins

  • A departure_time of 1600 local time

Isochrone API request:

1curl --location '<your_api_key>&coordinates=33.99260394,-118.27001602&mode=truck&contours_minutes=15&departure_time=1704974400'

Isochrone API response:

2 "features": "[...]",
3 "type": "FeatureCollection"

The response returns an area, in geojson format, which can be serviced by the truck within 30 mins with the given traffic conditions at 1600 local time.

Visit Isochrone API documentation to know more about the available features.