Get Started with Fleet Management

Get your NextBillion key and manage your fleet efficiently - contact us offers a host of useful products to make fleet management easy & efficient. Our APIs & SDKs are designed to be integrated effortlessly and solve problems ranging from getting live ETAs to routing all types of vehicles (Trucks & Cars) in your fleet, from generating turn-by-turn instructions to getting a detailed trip analysis, from optimizing multiple routes to getting real-time alerts about the movements of vehicles in the fleet.

API guides to solve fleet management problems

Get Live ETAs

Calculate ETAs between multiple locations in real-time

Optimize multi-vehicle routes

Optimize routes & schedules for multi-vehicle routing requirements by leveraging over 50+ constraints

Enter & Exit Geofence alerts

Get geofence based alerts in real-time to track fleet movements

Speed violation alerts

Get notified instantly about speed violations by your fleet vehicles

Routes for Cars & Trucks

Get suitable routes for vehicles in your fleet

Routing for hazardous material

Avoid roads not suitable for hazmat materials

Turn-by-turn navigation instructions

Get step-by-step instructions for easy navigation

Avoid Sharp turns and U-turns

Get routes without sharp turns or U-turns

Trace the route taken

Trace the actual route taken by your fleet vehicles after the trip