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Distance API FAQ


Q1. What is distance matrix API?

Q2. How many origins and destinations can be passed into a distance matrix API request?

Q3. How is’s Distance Matrix API different from that of Google or Mapbox?

Q4. What is the ETA accuracy that’s Distance Matrix API provides?

Q5. What customizations are possible on the Distance Matrix API?

Q6. Do you have/integrate live traffic for the ETA predictions?

Q7. How do you compare yourself with Google/Mapbox or other players in terms of performance?

Q8. What does the integration process look like?

Q9. How can I deploy the distance matrix API?

Q10. What is the difference between standard and flexible’s Distance Matrix API?

Q11. What are flexible-only parameters w.r.t.’s Distance Matrix API?

Q12. What are mandatory parameters w.r.t’s Distance Matrix API?

Q13. Are there any cons to using flexible Distance Matrix API instead of standard?

Q14. What are the API Methods available for Distance Matrix API?