Turn-by-turn navigation for field professionals

Product Used: Navigation API

NextBillion.ai’s Navigation API returns step-by-step instructions in the desired language to facilitate a seamless navigation experience for your professionals. The Navigation API can be easily customized using a wide range of routing constraints available with the service and depending on the type of request, the routing engine will suggest optimal routes as per the given constraints and traffic conditions.

In this example, we are going to generate step-by-step instructions for a trip to be made by a service professional with a few stopovers before the destination by configuring

  • A pair of “origin” & “destination” locations
  • “mode” option set to “car”.
  • “waypoints” parameter containing coordinates for 3 stops before the “destination”
  • “lang” set to “es” for instructions in Spanish


1curl --location 'https://api.nextbillion.io/navigation/json?key=<your_api_key>&origin=25.84220637,-80.36236245&destination=25.76683324,-80.21609475&mode=car&waypoints=25.91338203,-80.34023395|25.90554444,-80.25598479|25.84769524,-80.22941337&lang=es'


Observe that all the stops are covered by the route on the way to destination.

2 "status": "Ok",
3 "routes": "[...]",
4 "country_code": "US"

Visit Navigation API documentation to know more about the available features.