SAP Integration with’s Route Optimization API



SAP stands as a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, offering comprehensive solutions for optimizing business operations. It covers a range of vital functions, including finance, human resources, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, and customer relationship management. SAP extends its capabilities beyond ERP, encompassing a diverse array of business applications, analytics tools, cloud services, and more.

NextBillion's Route Optimization API

NextBillion's Route Optimization API is a powerful tool for businesses seeking precision and efficiency in route planning. This resourceful API aids in saving time, cutting costs, and elevating customer satisfaction. Real-time tracking and analytics are key features, empowering businesses to monitor their fleet and extract valuable insights for operational enhancement.

Synergizing SAP with NextBillion's Route Optimization API

By harnessing the potential of both SAP and NextBillion's Route Optimization API, businesses can bring about a transformative impact on their field operations. This collaboration enables them to stay at the forefront of today's competitive market, providing a technological edge for optimized efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.


To seamlessly integrate SAP with, ensure you have the following essentials:

1. SAP Account and Credentials

Access your SAP account with the necessary login credentials.

2. SAP API Key

Generate an API key from SAP to facilitate secure and authorized communication.

3.'s API Key

Acquire the API key from, enabling the integration process. Contact support to get your API Key.

Ensure you have these prerequisites in place for a smooth and efficient integration between SAP and

SAP Integration Suite Overview

SAP facilitates seamless integration with external tools through its dedicated platform, the SAP Integration Suite, seamlessly embedded within the SAP BTP Cockpit. In this integration project, we leverage the SAP BTP Cockpit trial account. To kickstart your integration journey, sign up for a complimentary 90-day trial on the SAP BTP Cockpit via this link.

Integration Setup Steps

1. SAP BTP Cockpit Login

  • Click on Go to Your Trial Account.

  • Create a Subaccount by selecting create.

SAP BTP Cockpit Login

2. Subaccount Creation

Navigate to the generated Subaccount and access Instances and Subscriptions.

Subaccount Creation

3. Trial Home

  • Create the Integration Suite by choosing create. This action opens the New Instance or Subscription tab.

  • Select Integration Suite from the Service dropdown and choose the Plan corresponding to the Subaccount.

Trial Home

4. Instances and Subscription

  • The Integration Suite is now created.
Instances and Subscription

5. Integration Suite Configuration

  • Within the integration suite, enable Extend Non-SAP Connectivity.

  • Click on Manage Capabilities.

Integration Suite Configuration

6. Capabilities Management

Select Add Capabilities, then enable Extend Non-SAP Connectivity.

Integration Suite Configuration

7. Activation

With Extend Non-SAP Connectivity activated, integration with Non-SAP tools becomes feasible.

8. Connector Setup

Click on Discover Connectors under the Extend Non-SAP Connectivity capability, opening the SAP Integration Suite connectors page.

Connector Setup

9. Connector Creation

Click on Build New Connector, then select Create'

Connector Creation

10. Connector Details

Provide connector details and click Save & Next.

Connector Details

11. New Connector Configuration

The created connector is displayed on the connectors page under Private.

New Connector Configuration

12. Integration with Nextbillion's API

For Nextbillion's API integration, set up parameters in the Setup tab:

  • Base URL:

  • Select custom under Authentication.

  • Configure API key: Name: API Key, Key: API key, Type: Text, Description: 'any description,' and check the Required button.

Integration with Nextbillion's API

13. Resource Configuration

Navigate to Resources, select Blank from Add Resources, name the resource, and configure parameters for a GET request to retrieve results from Nextbillion API.

Resource Configuration

14. Save Changes

Save the changes; the generated GET request template is now ready for retrieving optimization results from Nextbillion.