The Nextbillion.AI Asset Tracking Flutter plugin is designed to enable developers to integrate location-tracking functionality into their Android or iOS applications. This plugin serves as an interface for real-time asset tracking, allowing you to upload data to either the Nextbillion.AI backend or a custom database of your choice. This SDK provides developers with a versatile toolset for improving the spatial intelligence of their applications, allowing for a robust and dynamic asset-tracking experience.

Key Features and Capabilities

The SDK offers several key features and capabilities, including:

  1. Asset Creation: Facilitate the seamless generation of assets within the Flutter Tracking SDK, ensuring efficient and straightforward implementation.

  2. Asset Binding: Enable the association of assets with the SDK, streamlining the connection process for enhanced tracking capabilities.

  3. Location Information Callback: Receive real-time updates on location information through callback mechanisms, allowing applications to stay dynamically informed.

  4. Tracking Status Callback: Implement tracking status callback functionality to receive timely notifications regarding the current tracking status, optimizing monitoring and control.

  5. Start and Stop Tracking Functionality: Integrate the ability to initiate and halt tracking operations as needed, providing flexibility and control over asset monitoring.

  6. Asset Details Retrieval: Retrieve comprehensive asset details through designated functions, empowering developers with access to relevant information for analysis and reporting.

These core features collectively contribute to the robustness of the Flutter Tracking SDK, offering a versatile toolkit for efficient asset tracking and management within your applications.