Geofencing API

Introduction's Geofence API is a robust solution that enables users to establish and control custom geographical boundaries, commonly referred to as geofences, on a digital map. With this API, businesses can define areas of interest, monitor activity within those boundaries, and trigger actions when people or objects enter or exit the defined areas. This technology is especially useful for location-based marketing, fleet management, asset tracking, and logistics, allowing businesses to improve their operations, enhance customer experiences, and increase efficiency. With the Geofence API, businesses can easily create,modify and remove custom areas and polygons on a map, while effortlessly incorporating this functionality into their own applications through seamless integration.

Create a Geofence

Use this method to create a new geofence

Delete a Geofence

Use this method to delete an existing geofence

Get a Geofence

Use this method to find an existing geofence using its ID

Get Geofence List

Use this method to search all your geofences using tags as filters.

Update a Geofence

Use this method to update an existing geofence

Delete Batch Geofence

Use this method to delete geofences in bulk using their IDs.

Geofence Contains

Use this method to determine if a specific point is contained in one or more geofences.

Query Limits

Generic Limits allows a maximum rate limit of 6000 queries per minute or 100 queries/second for continuous requests.

Note: We can increase the quota if needed on request. Contact [email protected] for more details.

API Error Codes

Response CodeDescriptionAdditional Notes
200Normal success case.Normal success case.
400Input validation failed.Such as missing parameter or parameter with invalid value type (for example value cannot be parsed into number).
401APIKEY not supplied or invalid.-
403APIKEY is valid but does not have access to requested resources.You might be querying for a geographical region which is not valid for your account, or requesting a service which is not enabled for you.
404Requested host/path not found.This error occurs when there is a malformed host name used.
422Could not process the request.There is an underlying map issue which prevents the processing of the request.
429Too many requests.QPM reached or API request count quota reached.
500Internal Service error.There was an internal issue with services. You can reach out to [email protected] for an explanation.
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