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Route Optimization Fast Tutorials

Configure pickups and deliveries

Optimize a set of pick-up and delivery tasks using the 'jobs' object along with time_window and service constraints. Also set-up a vehicle which fulfils the defined 'jobs'
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Prioritize the jobs

When there are multiple tasks, some of them might assume priority under specific business situations. Configure the Route Optimization input to take care of such priorities.
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Leverage skills and driver breaks

Vehicle or the drivers allocated to a particular task must be capable of fulfilling it. Take a look at how you can incorporate skill based constraints for a job. Also, see how you can include breaks for your drivers in between tasks.
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Configure shipments

Set up 'shipments' object using various constraints like skills, pickup/delivery amounts, service duration and time_window constraints to take care of your shipment scenarios.
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Set-up Depots

Take care of depots/warehouses in your routing network using the 'depots' object in Route Optimization input and define a sample problem statement
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