Android Navigation SDK Quickstart


Nextbillion.AI provides turn by turn navigation experience via the Navigation SDK, there are two ways to start a navigation experience in our SDK, the faster way is to utilize a series of drop-in UIs and helper classes, the other way is to embed the NavigationView to your own page or layout.In this quickstart guide, we are using built-in UIs(or Drop-in UIs) and fixed coordinates to simulate navigation, for more details on the customized/embedded navigation page, please refer to Custom Navigation Page.


Our Android Navigation SDK requires the following prerequisites:

  1. Access Key: if you don't have your Access Key yet, don't hesitate to contact us

  2. IDE (Android Studio): to build and develop the Android application

    1. There are no restrictions on IDE version, but we recommend developers to use Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 and above.
  3. Navigation SDK's Android SDK levels

    1. minSdkVersion 17
    2. targetSdkVersion 29
    3. compileSdkVersion 29
    4. Play service location should be smaller than or equal to version 20.0.0(due to breaking changes: some Classes are now interfaces instead of classes, introduced on October 13, 2022, v21.0.0)
Installation and QuickStart