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Navigation APIs’s Navigation services include several APIs useful for building a complete navigation experience. Using these APIs, you can find directions between 2 places, find travel times between multiple locations, snap routes to the navigable roads network on a map among many other use cases.

Directions API
Directions API is a service that computes a route between 2 places.
Distance Matrix API
Distance Matrix API computes distances and ETAs between a set of origins and destinations.
Snap To Roads API
Snap To Roads API takes a series of locations along a route, and returns the new locations on this route that are snapped to the best matched roads where the trip took place.
Isochrone API
Computes areas that are reachable within a specified amount of time or distance from a location, and returns the reachable regions as contours of polygons or lines that you can display on a map.
Navigation API
Navigation API is a service that computes a route between 2 places, and also returns detailed turn by turn instructions for the route.