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The NextBillion Maps Compose Extension library integrates NextBillion Map functionality into Jetpack Compose-based applications.

Getting Started With Compose Extension

This guide is intended for developers who want to contribute to or integrate the NextBillion Maps Compose Extension into their applications. To use the compose extension in your project, configure the dependencies in your build.gradle files.

1// In your build.gradle, add the compose extension with your other dependencies.
2dependencies {
3 implementation 'ai.nextbillion:nb-maps-compose:1.0.5'

You should also familiarize yourself with Google's Jetpack Compose documentation.

To use Compose, you must set up some build configurations in your project. Include the following definitions in your app's build.gradle file:

1android {
2 buildFeatures {
3 compose true
4 }
6 composeOptions {
7 kotlinCompilerExtensionVersion "1.3.2"
8 kotlinCompilerVersion "1.7.10"
9 }

These configurations ensure that the NextBillion Maps Compose Extension integrates seamlessly into your project in accordance with the Jetpack Compose specifications.

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