Vector Tiles API


The Vector Tiles API serves vector tiles from’s vector tile sets. A vector tile contains the vector data about the geometries and metadata - like road names, place names etc in the form of points, lines and polygons. These tiles can be used as a source for styling or for creating an interactive map experience for your users.


Request Parameters

Query Parameter


Sample Request

1curl --location '<your_api_key>'

Sample Response


API Error Codes

Response codeDescriptionAdditional notes
200Normal success case.Normal success case.
400Input validation failed.There is a missing or an invalid parameter or a parameter with an invalid value type is added to the request.
401APIKEY not supplied or invalidThis error occurs when the wrong API key is passed in the request or the key is missing altogether
403APIKEY is valid but does not have access to requested resourcesYou might be querying for a geographical region which is not valid for your account, or requesting a service which is not enabled for you.
404Requested host/path not foundThis error occurs when a malformed hostname is used.
414Request is too longThis error occurs when the URI is too long. Maximum allowed length is 8192 bytes.
422Could not process the requestThe requested tiles were not found. Please check the input request. Reach out to [email protected] if the issue persists.
429Too many requestsQPM limit or API usage quota reached.
500Internal Service error.There was an internal issue with services. You can reach out to [email protected] for an explanation.