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Basic navigation app
Add basic navigation functionality to an iOS application using the Navigation SDK for iOS.
Advanced navigation app
In this example, we are going to create an App that allows users to long press on the map to add a destination to request routes and display the routes on the map, this app also enables route selection from alternative routes
Bring your own route
Dynamically update and adjust selected routes based on user preferences and real-time conditions.
Custom banners
Enhance user experience by displaying customized banners, providing information like upcoming events and notification.
Custom destination marker
Enhance the visual representation of destination markers and provide users with real-time ETA information.
Custom location indicator
Customize the location indicator in the Navigation view based on user preferences and add a bottom sheet to allow user-customized actions.
Custom navigation camera
Optimize navigation experience by adjusting MapView camera based on requested route, ensuring clear visibility and focus on route.
Custom voice controller
Personalize and configure the voice controller in the navigation app using NavigationOptions.
Custom Waypoint arrival screen
Customize the arrival experience to enhance user engagement and control during their navigation journey.
Custom waypoint styling
Easily tailor the waypoint styling to suit your preferences and create a visually appealing and intuitive navigation experience.
Customize NavigationMapView style at runtime
Customize the style of the NavigationMapView and choose a map style that best suits your preferences or the current context.
Draw Route Line on NavigationMapView
Draw Route Line on NavigationMapView
Draw a route line with the alternative route on NavigationMapView
Draw multiple route lines on NavigationMapView, with one of them designated as an alternative route.
Intercept NavigationMapView click and long click events
This example shows how to intercept single tap and long click events on NavigationMapView and add corresponding actions to it.
Route lines styling
Specify a source and destination and watch as the requested route is displayed on the map, enabling users to visualize their journey.
Styled UI elements
Customize the appearance of UI elements within the Navigation view and modify the colors of UI elements.
Custom Location Source
Customize the location data source for 'NavigationMapView' and 'Navigation'. Obtain location data from user tap actions on the map.
SDK Configuration and Plug-in