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Add InfoWindow on MapView
Learn how to display an InfoWindow on MapView using the Map View API.
Customize Bottom ETA Panel
Customize the bottom ETA panel's styling including primary and secondary text, route overview and navigation style configuration.
Customize Floating Buttons
Learn to customize Navigation floating buttons' colors, backgrounds and more using NavLauncherConfig.Builder.
Customize Instruction list style
Customize the styling of the Navigation Instruction List including background, primary and secondary colors using NavLauncherConfig.Builder
Customize Navigation View UI elements
Learn to customize Navigation View UI. Add new elements to activity layout and show or hide existing UI elements.
Customize Route Line Style
Learn to customize the route line's style: routeColor, routeScale, alternativeRouteScale and more. Use NavLauncherConfig.Builder for custom navigation styles.
Customize styling of the dissolved route line
Explore custom route styles in navigation: alternativeRouteScale, dissolvedRouteColor and animatedRouteColor.
Customize the NavNextbillionMap style at runtime
Learn how to dynamically customize NavNextbillionMap styles at runtime using a floating button for seamless map style changes
Customize Top Banner Panel
Learn how to personalize the top banner panel in navigation including background, text colors and maneuver styles using NavLauncherConfig.Builder
Draw Route line with alternative routes on map
Learn to fetch and draw map routes with alternatives and display route durations using RouteRequestParams and navMap functions.
Draw Route line
Learn to fetch routes, draw lines on a map, bind the mapView, and frame the camera using RouteFetcher.
Fetch route between an origin and destination
Discover how to fetch routes between an origin and destination. Utilize the RouteFetcher.getRoute function with RouteRequestParams, to access a range of features.
Intercept map click and long click events using NavNextbillionMap
Intercept map clicks with NavNextbillionMap, adding actions. Get latitude and longitude with toast messages.
Launch Custom NavigationView
Discover a seamless turn-by-turn journey with a customized NavigationView. Explore fetching routes, binding to activity lifecycle and initiating navigation effortlessly.
Launch NavigationView
Discover seamless navigation with NavigationLauncher. Fetch routes, configure NavLauncherConfig and launch turn-by-turn directions.
Load NavigationView in Fragment
Learn to navigate in fragments using NavigationView. Override fragment lifecycle methods and call respective NavigationView methods.
Toggle Navigation Theme
Learn to toggle navigation themes & switch between Light, Dark, and System modes using NavLauncherConfig.Builder.
Track current location on NavNextbillionMap
This example demonstrates how to track and display user's location on NavNextbillionMap, zooming in with a click.
SDK Configuration and Integration