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MapView Markers


This example shows how to add markers in bulk

  • Add markers in bulk to MapView
  • Long Click MapView to Add a marker with clicked point
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For all code examples, refer to Flutter Maps SDK Code Examples

CustomMarkerPage view source

1import 'dart:io';
2import 'dart:math';
4import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
5import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
6import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart'; // ignore: unnecessary_import
7import 'package:nb_maps_flutter/nb_maps_flutter.dart';
9import 'page.dart';
11const randomMarkerNum = 10;
13class CustomMarkerPage extends ExamplePage {
14 CustomMarkerPage() : super(const Icon(Icons.place), 'Custom marker');
17 Widget build(BuildContext context) {
18 return CustomMarker();

Code summary

The above code snippet demonstrates how to implement a custom marker feature in a Flutter application using the nb_maps_flutter package. The custom markers are added to the map when:

  • the user performs a long-press gesture
  • User click on the floating button on the top left corner And the marker positions are updated when the map is moved.

CustomMarker Class: is a StatefulWidget class that represents the custom marker widget. It uses the NextbillionMapController to interact with the map and manages a list of custom _MarkerState instances to keep track of the markers on the map.

CustomMarkerState Class: is the state class for the CustomMarker widget. It handles map-related events and manages the markers on the map. Notable methods include:

  • _onMapCreated: Handles the initialization of the map controller and sets up a listener for camera movements.
  • _onStyleLoadedCallback: A callback method that is called when the map style is loaded.
  • _onMapLongClickCallback: Handles the event when the user long-presses on the map to add a new custom marker.
  • _onCameraIdleCallback: Handles the event when the camera stops moving and triggers the update of marker positions.
  • _addMarker: Adds a new custom marker to the map and updates the list of markers.

build Method: returns a Container widget containing a Stack with multiple child widgets:

  • NBMap: The actual map widget, provided by the nb_maps_flutter package. It handles user interactions and displays the custom markers on the map.
  • IgnorePointer: A widget that ignores touch events, ensuring that the custom markers do not interfere with user interactions with the map.
  • FloatingActionButton: A button that, when pressed, generates and adds random markers to the map.

_MarkerState Class: This class represents the state of a custom marker. It extends State and is responsible for rendering the custom marker image on the map. Notable methods include:

  • build: Builds the marker widget based on the marker's position and icon image.
  • updatePosition: Updates the marker's position when the map is moved.
  • getCoordinate: Retrieves the coordinate of the marker on the map.

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