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Add Custom Style Layers
Explore custom style layers. Add/query features in Rect, shape layers, circles, lines, fills.!
Animate Map Style Layer
Learn to animate map style layer, add Image Source, and update it every second.
Custom Annotations
Learn MapView's custom annotations: GeoJson integration, animation, querying visible ones, and centering selections.
Custom Location Source
Learn to tailor location data for NGLMapView. Customize your source to elevate map accuracy and relevance.
Custom Location View Style
Customize location view style, move camera to specified location on load, and manage location mode.
Custom map camera animation
Customize NGLMapView camera. Set center, direction, visible bounds, zoom level and more using provided methods for enhanced map control.
Custom Puck View
Customize location puck view. Inherit from NGLUserLocationAnnotationView for a unique design. Elevate your NGLMapView with a personalized touch.
Custom Runtime Style Layer
Customize runtime map. Create 3D building, water, and road styles. Tailor layers with zoom levels for personalized map experience.
Map Directions
Learn to draw directions on MapView. Request directions, extract geometry, convert to feature and customize appearance.
MapView Configuration
Learn to configure mapView. Display nominatim database maps. Customize properties for a dynamic map-viewing experience
Maps Delegate implementation
Explore NGLMapViewDelegate methods. Comprehensive list and detailed explanations for seamless integration.
MapView Marker
Learn to add marker on MapView. Set properties of the marker, handle user gestures and customize marker image.
MapView Polygon
Learn to draw a Polygon on MapView. Set properties of the Polygon such as color/alpha and handle user gestures.
Mapview Polyline
Learn to draw a Polyline on MapView. Select points via long-press, set color/width and manage user events.
SDK Configuration