The Maps SDK has 2 major functionalities:

  1. Map View and annotations
  2. API toolbox which includes Directions, Distance Matrix and Snap To Roads APIs

MapView and annotations

The most important feature of a maps SDK is the map view that we can integrate in an App. Nextbillion.AI’s Android Maps SDK allows developers to integrate a MapView to their App by either adding it to a layout.xml file or add it to the layout programmatically.

After we have integrated the MapView, the most common scenarios would be marking POIs on the maps. This can be achieved by leveraging the annotation classes that are offered by the SDK, for example, Marker, Polyline, Polygon.

Directions, Matrix and Matching APIs

Other than the basic functionality of a traditional Maps SDK, we also provide extra capabilities to help our customers achieve more:

  1. Directions API
  2. Matrix API
  3. Snap to Roads API
  4. Optimization API
  5. Location Based API [Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding, AutoSuggest, AutoComplete, Discover]


To render a Map, we need a valid access key that allows us to fetch tiles from Nextbillion AI’s server.

By default, we will point tiles service and all 3 APIs(mentioned above) to https://api.nextbillion.io , but if you choose our on-prem solutions, you can configure the host(base url) with specific names in strings.xml file or a new xml file.

  1. nbmap_access_token

    1. Configure access key.
  2. nbmap_global_base_url

    1. Specify a base url that will be used by all API calls in the SDK.
  3. nbmap_nb_api_base_url

    1. Specify a base url that will override the global url for directions, matrix and matching API.