Road Editor API

API Overview offers an innovative API for the proprietary Road Restrictions Tool (RRT). With RRT, users can effortlessly set up a variety of restrictions on their maps, including turn restrictions, speed limits, road closures, parking restrictions, and more. This powerful and proprietary platform enables users to enhance their maps with customized and detailed restrictions, providing a safer and more efficient navigation experience for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Enterprise Edition Only

The Road Editor API is available only in a Enterprise plan. Please contact support if you wish to use this API and other premium services at [email protected].

The following endpoints are provided for users via the RRT API.


Use this endpoint to get a paginated list of restrictions

Get Restrictions By Bbox

This endpoint is used to fetch the list of restrictions using a bounding box.

Get Restrictions By ID

This endpoint is used to fetch the list of restrictions using a Unique ID.

Update a Restrictions Group

Update a specific restriction group based on provided ID.

Delete a Restrictions By ID

Delete a specific restriction group.

Create a new Restriction

Create a new restriction group.

Set state of a Restriction

Set the state of a restriction by ID.



Query Limits

Generic Limits allows a maximum rate limit of 6000 queries per minute or 100 queries/second for continuous requests.

Note: We can increase the quota if needed on request. Contact [email protected] for more details.

API Error Codes

Response CodeDescriptionAdditional Notes
200Normal success case.

Normal success case.

400Input validation failed.

Such as missing parameter or parameter with invalid value type (for example value cannot be parsed into number).

401APIKEY not supplied or invalid.

This error occurs when the wrong API key is passed in the request or the key is missing altogether

403APIKEY is valid but does not have access to requested resources.

You might be querying for a geographical region which is not valid for your account, or requesting a service which is not enabled for you.

404Requested host/path not found.

This error occurs when there is a malformed host name used.

422Could not process the request.

There is an underlying map issue which prevents the processing of the request.

429Too many requests.

QPM reached or API request count quota reached.

500Internal Service error.

There was an internal issue with services. You can reach out to [email protected] for an explanation.